Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today at SMK Kemumin was fun and better than yesterday. My group was in charged for Dental Health Education to form 1 Amanah and 1 Cekal. Those kids were good and look interested =) We talked about caries, gingivitis, diet counselling, Oral Hygiene Instruction, dental Visits and bad habits such as Smoking and betel nut chewing. Looking forward for the last day, when it's our turn to handle exhibition!

By the way...Cuakla..
Last week Dr. Wan Z said they will be having meeting for midterm exam results on 20th Jan which is today.
Hopefully no bad turn out for me in this exam ;)
The consequence is very harsh, those who fails cannot sit for 3rd Professional EXam..=(
Will post again once i knew the result!


Mas Elyna said...

gambar yg xsesuaiiiiii

Witty Angel said...


~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

Witty Angel:thanks so much aina!!
still xtau result lagi
kena tgu after cuti.. =(

Mas Elyna:hehe.. saje gatai tangan upload gambaq gak la =P