Friday, February 27, 2009

Busy..busy.. busy..

I really hate it when seeing this blog not updated..
However.. due to unexpected things, this month had been so hectic.
I didn't have much time to online.. u know why?
here are the reasons.. i listed them out =P

1. Final Report CFCS must be submitted by 1st March and yeah, i just finished it. Alhamdulillah
2. Clinic hours =( hectic, busy as usual...
3. Inventory on weekend =( luckily, no instrument was lost
4. MDA talk on friday.. another event that had taken out my sleeping/resting day
5. Sadly to say, my elective supervisor called me and said my research has been selected for National Student Scientific Conference this 5th March.. now i have to go through again my research report and updated my poster... waaa! hate it... Fortunately, i have a very supportive supervisors. THANKS!
6. Finishing up my IDA presentation and clinical presentation..

sangat penat.. masa GDP petang tadi, i called 3 patients! yeah.. i repeat.. 3 patients! in 2 hours...
huhu.. doing issue cobalt-chrome denture, try in acrylic denture and review RCT treated and replace with permanent. Cuak gak awal2.. ingat xmampu. Alhamdulillah i managed to treat them all.. tp balik dari klinik memang penat giler!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tag by Nadia

I've been tagged by nadia, a friend of my younger bro, JOJO..
i think they used to go out once but it's still a mystery, hehehe.. =D
However, now.. she's also a friend of mine =)

The title is "tag impian perkahwinan". DUlu, masa kat KMNS, En Roslan, Ketua Unit Bio cakap "Mior ni mesti kawin awal..". hehe.. but now, i'm almost 25 yo soon. And doing dentistry sure took lots of my time out from thinking about this stuff.

ok. lets go to the tag!

1. How old are you?
--> i am turning 25 this 9th May

2. Are you single?
--> i'm single, not married but already taken =)

3. At what age do you think you'll get married?
--> various aims.. but the one i'm going to aim really seriously is a year after i'm working.

4. Do you think you'll marrying the person you are with now?
--> Insya-Allah.. already almost 6 years.. same year by the time i entered Dentistry.

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
--> doesn't cross my mind..

6. Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?
--> bestman? my bestfriends.. whoever is available and also wants me to be their bestman..!!!

7. Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
--> whichever is affordable.. traditional is preferrable

8. Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?
--> ???? if got extra money, Oversea =)

9. How many guests do you think you'll invite?
--> Hehe.. not sure, but all my friends and relatives must come!

10.Will that include your exes?
--> hahaha.... ask her 1st =P

11.How many layers of cake do you want?
--> too many layers only increases caries and diabetes rates!

12.When do you want to get married, morning or evening?
--> malam kot

13.Name the song/tune you'd like to play at your wedding.
--> lagu in-team... hahaha.. pandai2 jek

14.Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?knife?
--> whatever which is not going to spoil my dress

15.Champagne or red wine?
--> ... kena delete question ni.. tp nak ada teh tarik gak! =P

16.Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
--> xkan before wedding kan.. haha..

17.Money or household items?

18.How many kids would you like to have?
--> at least 3 =P

19.Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?
--> err... need to discuss further..

20. Whose wedding plan would you like to know next?
--> Mas Elyna
--> Liani
--> Aina
--> Nurhidayati
--> Patrick's
--> Aliaa

Anda telah di tag!

The Friendship Algorithm by Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D

Would u like to know the theory of making friends?
Hehe.. as we all know, to make friends is very subjective but somehow it's so funny yet interesting when i found this in The Big Bang Theory.
Siap ada loop counter lagi, lawak sangat2!
COz i also learnt this type of algorithm when learning IT for SPM =)
to see it clearer, double click on it!

This is another scene of sheldon trying to smile which is so funny! He looks like Joker.
Dats why Leonard said, " We r not trying to kill Batman!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Big Bang Theory

This is the best Situation Comedy series ever!
Have u guys had the chance to watch this series?
I'm So love it.. almost each main characters can make me laugh =)
Especially Sheldon and Howard.
Raj and Leonard also have their own funny moments but no as etablished as other two.
Hehe.. i really love when Penny looks clueless, annoyed, and frustrated when she's hanging with those four geeky guys.
This is a series that u must watch!


The Big Bang Theory is an American situation comedy which concerns two prodigies in their twenties, one a theoretical physicist and the other an experimental physicist, who work at Caltech and live across the hall from a blonde waitress with show-biz aspirations. Their geekiness and intellect are contrasted with her social skills and common sense . Now is already their 2nd season=)

The best character: Dr Sheldon Cooper, Ph. D
The most funny character: Howard Wolowitz, M. Eng.

and yeah, the opening is song is very2 cool and best!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hate it!

Uh.. lately server wireless sini selalu sangat down.
reali hate it... mencik!!!=P
hehe.. kaco mood nak rajinkan diri m'update blog.
anyway, thanks so much to all yang wish congratz.
Pasni, kalo nak dental treatment, seek for me ok ;) hehe..

Skang ni petang2 i alwiz went to gym depan USM ni.
murah je, RM50 per months, siap de instructor lagi =)
so guys, kalo interested leh la join.
Nama tempat tu Miz Gym and fitness, dekat je ngan bangunan pizza hut.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Result Mid Term dah Keluar

Actually citer ni dah agak basi... result keluar pada suatu petang hari Isnin.
Tatkala itu saya ada patient perio and fixed prostho.
Result exam mid term yang ada paper MCQ, MEQ, SAQ and mock VIVA tu.
Secara kesimpulannya, saya sendiri agak terkejut ngan result yang saya dapat.
Bajet Viva at least C atau fail gaknya =(
Seriously.. study pun xsempat, hari2 pergi Gym depan USM ni konon2 release tensen sebelum exam.
lagipun, saya xdela wat study group, study solo2..
Tapi dah ini dinamakan rezeki agaknya =)

Terima kasih kepada mereka yang sentiasa memberikan sokongan kepada saya selama ini.
Semoga saya leh dapat keputusan yang sama dalam Professional Exam III this mid-May.. actually dapat sit for that exam pun dah OK!
Now terkejar2 requirements (+_+)

Oh yeah... I got A for Theory Papers and Viva too..;)

p/s syndrome malas update blog selepas cuti dah mula kembali.