Friday, February 27, 2009

Busy..busy.. busy..

I really hate it when seeing this blog not updated..
However.. due to unexpected things, this month had been so hectic.
I didn't have much time to online.. u know why?
here are the reasons.. i listed them out =P

1. Final Report CFCS must be submitted by 1st March and yeah, i just finished it. Alhamdulillah
2. Clinic hours =( hectic, busy as usual...
3. Inventory on weekend =( luckily, no instrument was lost
4. MDA talk on friday.. another event that had taken out my sleeping/resting day
5. Sadly to say, my elective supervisor called me and said my research has been selected for National Student Scientific Conference this 5th March.. now i have to go through again my research report and updated my poster... waaa! hate it... Fortunately, i have a very supportive supervisors. THANKS!
6. Finishing up my IDA presentation and clinical presentation..

sangat penat.. masa GDP petang tadi, i called 3 patients! yeah.. i repeat.. 3 patients! in 2 hours...
huhu.. doing issue cobalt-chrome denture, try in acrylic denture and review RCT treated and replace with permanent. Cuak gak awal2.. ingat xmampu. Alhamdulillah i managed to treat them all.. tp balik dari klinik memang penat giler!


darling hidayati said...

besabarlah.. hehe

toYa said...

i'm free like a bird~~ lalalala

apsal syg xtgk blog nina pon :(

Anonymous said...

salam bro,
tgh dok google cari review film...suddenly saw ur blog...
nice review, short n simple but perfect...
so after this sng sket nk tau muvi mana yg worth to watch
keep bloging k..esp on film/series review hehe
n really enjoy reading ur blog, dpat gak tau life seorg doc/dentist...mncabar gak e..
btw..i'm nazrin final yr too from usm png...

nailah said...

i'allah..saya akan pegi sana..
sedih ke kena present lagi..we should proud with our work..ahahah macam plastik the way i will be in the oral presentation..ahahah kena cuak lagi..maklumlah nak berjumpa dgn semua yg hebat2 belaka..hope to see u there..

ibrahim said...

dont worry, thats parts of working life u gonna face later in life, u t8care love u always