Friday, March 6, 2009

National Student Scientifc Conference

Alhamdulillah, everything went well for yesterday event.
There were a lot of dental students from various universities!
Although the presenters were from USM, UM, and UKM.. other universities such as USIM, UIA,UiTM also sent their dental students to attend this conference.
This is great because most of them still in early stage.. juz 1-3 years old =)

Registration started at 8.30am. There were huge crowd at PPSG's groud floor.
Before that, me and Mus went to HEP to borrow blazer, hehe..
Last minute baru teringat, yela.. really don't have much time because of clinic's stuff.
The opening ceremony was great as it's officiated by the deputy minister in Higher Education
besides that, VIPs such as Prof. Ma, Dean of School of Dental Sciences, Deans from other dental faculties also came.

The real event started at 10.30am!
Waa... i was really nervous. I had to standby at my poster board while waiting for my turn which is the 5th
I had a nice conversation with two representatives from UM,Li Sar and Tan =)
I really didnt practice that morning =P
Eventually, i presented quite smooth which surprised me lots =)
The judge impressed so much because i managed to end my presentation by the bell rang.
Besides that, it was nice to hear they said my study was good.
We had a nice discussion for another 5 minutes and the judge from UM take the opportunity to shake my hand.. wow... what a day!

However i placed no high expectation cause i found out other studies much2 better than mine.
To be able to present it well was all i wanted to..
I'm really glad that my supervisor, Dr. Wan Zaripah was so happy with my performance and we had picture taken together with my poster.
Unfortunately, only she had the photos. huhuhu...

Oh yeah, i got to meet few friends from UKM which we met at APDSA meeting, GEnting.. Yin Shi and Nazihah
And eventually, both of them won the 1st prize for Oral Presentation!
Good for them ;)
Overall, UKM won the challenge trophy! USM won the Poster Presentation by Wong Tsee Yee.. my great,kind neighbour and friend in clinic =)

Later that night, i went out with Kee Wei, Soon Pieng, Chong and Rubin and played bowling at Perdana Bowl.
i beat all of them, hehe with the score of 125-195-175.. actually that bowl lane quite suck!
Now, on my next agenda is to win the Kejohanan Boling Tertutup PPSG which my team won last year, heheheh....

p/s To Nailah... I forgot that u were also presenting in this conference. I'm so sorry i didn't get the opportunity to find you. Perhaps someday in future okay ;)


A'a said...

if only PPSP also got the same must be interesting too...but it didn't..huhu...

Anonymous said...

Mior Azrizal Mior Ibrahim...Jai Ho!

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

to A'a: PPSP final year students are busy preparing for pro exam rite now.. korang pun xsempat dah nak join program2 camni.. but yeah, it's interesting. Dr. Faiz Khalid pun ada n citer pasal program angkasawan =)

to Anonymous: hehe.. jai ho menda nya..

toYa said...

Siapalah aku ini
Yang ingin memetik cintamu
Siapalah seadanya
Diriku di sisimu

Kau punya segalanya
Sedangkan aku insan hina
Hidupku penuh dengan kisah duka
Antara kita jurang nya berbeza

Biarlah usahlah
Bermain dengan api
Kelaknya terbakar sendiri

Biarlah tersimpan
Segala perasaan
Rahsia hatiku terhadapmu
Siapalah aku

Anonymous said...

Oooo... Jai Ho is a praise taken from the film Slumdog Milionnaire ...means "May Victory Be Yours! So Mior....Jai Ho!

nailah said...'s ok..act sy ade cr2 juga kamu..tapi tak jumpa la pulak kan..ahaha tak ingat muka..sori..saya pun tak letak gambar saya dalam blog..

Anonymous said...

wah bro...when la wan to update this blog. hehe