Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Office... my top of the list for comedy series.. hehe

U know what?
The Office is a comedy like documentary series which adapted from UK version.
This series was introduce by my great pal Fadhil.
Seriously, at 1st.. i was thinking..."pheww.... this series quite sucks".
But as i went along with it.... Man.. i love it so much that i even found Big Bang Theory is not interesting anymore.
No wonder it won few awards in comedy series.
The character i love the most is Dwight K. Schrute!

.::Dwight K. Schrute... not Mr. Poop.. hehehe::.

He looks dumb, naive,crazy,sometimes smart.. but beware. He's the most fun to watch ^_^


toYa said...

okeh..sila burn dan bawak balik :D

+ de opih
+ big beng
+ desperet hw
+ earl
+ heroes s2

lagi2 apa cita balu2 kasi bawak aa tokey :p

Kika said...

I am all over the place when its come to tv series. i cant help it, i am tv junkie lol. Giggles. I always like Big Bang theory. but as you had mention this one, maybe i should watch em too. seriously i duno about this series. and I cant help but to notice, its already in season Three. i had enough heroes. its too boring. mybe i should turn to this one. thanks, that you had mention this.

i heard you r leaving soon. wish u happy graduating, in advance. yea byk ckp, tlupa nak intro dr sdr. i was one of your follower,i start poking your blog last month, yea if you wud notice. i would rlly glad if u check mine too. dun worry, i aint bite you

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

toYa: hehe.. akan diusahakan kalo berkesempatan. will try to burn the opih.. bes giler!

Kika: wow.. it's so great to know bout this! thanks for following my blog though it's not really dat great =P truly, i feel quite bad coz for the past 2months, i didn't post so much. as u know.. at the brink of my final days, hehe.. my mood fluctuate easily.

yeah.. i'll be checking out urs too!!! i don't mind if u bite me, hahaha.. yep.. not reali into heroes now.. old series quite sucks except this one... THE OFFICE! and actually now is the 5th season =D hehe... i'm sure u'll like it too! even more than big bang =D

Kika said...

no worries its ok thou, you can always post yours some other times : )

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

wokeh Kika ;)

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