Saturday, March 21, 2009

At Last.. =D

Hehe.. lamanya tak kemaskini blog saya..
Stress ngan klinik kot.. then kena train volleyball lagi..
For dental faculties sports carnival at UiTM Shah Alam this 29th March.
However.. blog doesn't need me to write long entry kan.
Some blogs i'd visited, only by puting one word per entry pun ada.

Anyway, because at Kelantan there's no cinema..
I can't watch the latest movie that i really wanted
Like now... waa... being a Dragonball fan... die-hard i think =P
I'm so desperate to watch the life-action film of Dragonball Evolution.
Doesnt matter it's great or not... Waa.... it's really sucks i couldn't see it til now =(:::
I used to have complete collection of "Mutiara Naga" comics
from 1-43!
Until my mom threw it away without my consent =(
I will alwiz read it repeatedly! like addiction.. haha..
Besides that, i've also watched every single anime of it!
Including Dragonball GT, hehe..

So.. i hope i can watch it when going to Shah Alam next weekend ;)

P/s: My Final Professional Exam starts on 17th May.. and counting


Anonymous said...

Dragonball Evolution.... 2 words..sappy & corny!

toYa said...

dah baca review...sume dragon ball fan ckp cite ni sucks big time nye. langsung xsama ngt cite komik (+_+)

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

anonymous: reallY? i also think the same juz by watching the main casts and trailer.. but looks like the CGI only seems ok.

toYa: tu la pasal.. rasa cam xbes. sebab tu dah warning kata even it sucks pun, ijal nak tgk gak. hehe..