Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doa Seorang Kekasih

Do u still remember this song?
I think it was quite a hit back then =D
I really love it.. especially the melody parts..
Actually i'm a bit of buta lirik! hehe.. if u gimme a lyric, i won't realize what song is it.

Doa Seorang Kekasih

Artist: In-Team
Song Category: Nasyid
Oh Tuhan, seandainya telah Kau catatkan
Dia milikku, tercipta untuk diriku
Satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku
Titipkanlah kebahagiaan

Ya Allah, ku mohon
Apa yang telah Kau takdirkan
Ku harap dia adalah yang terbaik buatku
Kerana Engkau tahu segala isi hatiku
Pelihara daku dari kemurkaanMu

Ya Tuhanku, yang Maha Pemurah
Beri kekuatan jua harapan
Membina diri yang lesu tak bermaya
Semaikan setulus kasih di jiwa

Ku pasrah kepadaMu
Kurniakanlah aku
Pasangan yang beriman
Bisa menemani aku
Supaya ku dan dia
Dapat melayar bahtera
Ke muara cinta yang Engkau redhai

Ya Tuhanku, yang Maha Pengasih
Engkau sahaja pemeliharaku
Dengarkan rintihan hambaMu ini
Jangan Engkau biarkan ku sendiri

Agarku bisa bahagia
Walau tanpa bersamanya
Gantikanlah yang hilang
Tumbuhkan yang telah patah
Ku inginkan bahagia
Di dunia dan akhirat
PadaMu Tuhan ku mohon segala

p/s: Nina used to create a wallpaper of us with this song ^_^

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just stop by..

Not much plan for today.
Will have clinic sessions as usual..
Then train volleyball in the evening =)
Have a great day my friends!

p/s Had a dream last nite! But i couldnt remember what is it about =P

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SpOrTs and Me

If u ask me to list out 5 sports i love to play the most, here they are =)

1. Bowling

2. Volleyball

3. Cricket

4. Pingpong

5. Badminton

Suddenly i'm like the key player..

I think everyone notice about this thing.. In a team of sports or organization, there are these team players who are the actually dependable and key persons and if they are gone, ur team will eventually fail for sure. For the volley team going to UiTM S.A. this weekend, i'm like that kind of person.. hahaha... just expressing my thought =D besides Ah Bear and Rubin ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hoyea... dah present!!

Hehe.. although my bridge patient didnt turn up today..
STill, i'm so happy i had presented all things for final year =)
As today is my last day, it felt so great... Alhamdulillah..
Still counting to end my clinic days at PPSG, USM.. huhu..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Office... my top of the list for comedy series.. hehe

U know what?
The Office is a comedy like documentary series which adapted from UK version.
This series was introduce by my great pal Fadhil.
Seriously, at 1st.. i was thinking..."pheww.... this series quite sucks".
But as i went along with it.... Man.. i love it so much that i even found Big Bang Theory is not interesting anymore.
No wonder it won few awards in comedy series.
The character i love the most is Dwight K. Schrute!

.::Dwight K. Schrute... not Mr. Poop.. hehehe::.

He looks dumb, naive,crazy,sometimes smart.. but beware. He's the most fun to watch ^_^

Clinical Presentation

After delayed for almost 3months, tomorrow is my last day of presenting in front of my dental colleagues =)
I'm so relieved because in the end, the time of freedom has arrived.. before facing my final professional examination.
My clinical presentation for tomorrow is regarding Le Fort I fracture with split hard palate.
Here i attached an OPG taken on my patient =)

Bad luck... tensen...!

A bit stress and sad because my bridge patient couldn't turn up.
Just for finishing and taking impression only... waa..
Besides that, En. Osman told me he had accidentally broken my paed's patient band and study model for space maintainer..
Need to re-take again the impression with band =(
But i don't blame him.. He helps me lots several times before =D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

13th March.. A day to remember..

5 days before the date, i received a phone call from a man.
He claimed he is from Pusat Islam and he said i had to received something on an event which is happened on the date.
On Thursday i received a letter mentioning that i have to attend a forum to received a Special Appreciation Certificate in conjunction with Maulidul Rasul 1430h.
So i persuaded my dear friend Razali to accompany me to the forum without telling him bout the cert.
Hehe.. turn out i had a very pleasant night listening to the forum which discussing about the life of Rasulullah SAW..
I'm so grateful to be a Muslim and has Nabi Muhammad is the leader.... Alhamdulillah =D

.::Received these at the end of forum... waa.. felt a bit shy on stage..
Had picture taken with Dr. Wan Nudri with other 5 students::.

At Last.. =D

Hehe.. lamanya tak kemaskini blog saya..
Stress ngan klinik kot.. then kena train volleyball lagi..
For dental faculties sports carnival at UiTM Shah Alam this 29th March.
However.. blog doesn't need me to write long entry kan.
Some blogs i'd visited, only by puting one word per entry pun ada.

Anyway, because at Kelantan there's no cinema..
I can't watch the latest movie that i really wanted
Like now... waa... being a Dragonball fan... die-hard i think =P
I'm so desperate to watch the life-action film of Dragonball Evolution.
Doesnt matter it's great or not... Waa.... it's really sucks i couldn't see it til now =(:::
I used to have complete collection of "Mutiara Naga" comics
from 1-43!
Until my mom threw it away without my consent =(
I will alwiz read it repeatedly! like addiction.. haha..
Besides that, i've also watched every single anime of it!
Including Dragonball GT, hehe..

So.. i hope i can watch it when going to Shah Alam next weekend ;)

P/s: My Final Professional Exam starts on 17th May.. and counting

Friday, March 6, 2009

National Student Scientifc Conference

Alhamdulillah, everything went well for yesterday event.
There were a lot of dental students from various universities!
Although the presenters were from USM, UM, and UKM.. other universities such as USIM, UIA,UiTM also sent their dental students to attend this conference.
This is great because most of them still in early stage.. juz 1-3 years old =)

Registration started at 8.30am. There were huge crowd at PPSG's groud floor.
Before that, me and Mus went to HEP to borrow blazer, hehe..
Last minute baru teringat, yela.. really don't have much time because of clinic's stuff.
The opening ceremony was great as it's officiated by the deputy minister in Higher Education
besides that, VIPs such as Prof. Ma, Dean of School of Dental Sciences, Deans from other dental faculties also came.

The real event started at 10.30am!
Waa... i was really nervous. I had to standby at my poster board while waiting for my turn which is the 5th
I had a nice conversation with two representatives from UM,Li Sar and Tan =)
I really didnt practice that morning =P
Eventually, i presented quite smooth which surprised me lots =)
The judge impressed so much because i managed to end my presentation by the bell rang.
Besides that, it was nice to hear they said my study was good.
We had a nice discussion for another 5 minutes and the judge from UM take the opportunity to shake my hand.. wow... what a day!

However i placed no high expectation cause i found out other studies much2 better than mine.
To be able to present it well was all i wanted to..
I'm really glad that my supervisor, Dr. Wan Zaripah was so happy with my performance and we had picture taken together with my poster.
Unfortunately, only she had the photos. huhuhu...

Oh yeah, i got to meet few friends from UKM which we met at APDSA meeting, GEnting.. Yin Shi and Nazihah
And eventually, both of them won the 1st prize for Oral Presentation!
Good for them ;)
Overall, UKM won the challenge trophy! USM won the Poster Presentation by Wong Tsee Yee.. my great,kind neighbour and friend in clinic =)

Later that night, i went out with Kee Wei, Soon Pieng, Chong and Rubin and played bowling at Perdana Bowl.
i beat all of them, hehe with the score of 125-195-175.. actually that bowl lane quite suck!
Now, on my next agenda is to win the Kejohanan Boling Tertutup PPSG which my team won last year, heheheh....

p/s To Nailah... I forgot that u were also presenting in this conference. I'm so sorry i didn't get the opportunity to find you. Perhaps someday in future okay ;)