Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clinical Presentation

After delayed for almost 3months, tomorrow is my last day of presenting in front of my dental colleagues =)
I'm so relieved because in the end, the time of freedom has arrived.. before facing my final professional examination.
My clinical presentation for tomorrow is regarding Le Fort I fracture with split hard palate.
Here i attached an OPG taken on my patient =)


Kika said...

Hey there ! Salam. Bila baca posting nie teringat yang this April is Oral Health Month. I read them on Star news a day ago. This aims by Malaysian Dental Association and ubat gigi Colgate. So bro. is your dental clinic participates in this community service? Kalau yea, I can visit yours untuk free dental check-up kan? Ha-ha kidding :D hesh

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

Hey Kika.. w'salam =) check up with me @ HUSM always if u don't mind to come ere,i'll give u free treatment too... hehe.. only have til 30th April though =P