Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back From SUKAD.. Now School Dental Health Day

Well.. as u guys know, i just went to USM Main Campus at Penang Island from 15-18th January for Sukan Antara Desasiswa which i played cricket for our campus. This was the 2nd phase of the Tournament which consist of other sports such as Softball, Hockey, Senamrobik, Basketball, Futsal, Volley, Badminton and i guess that's all. Previous week, there were already games such as Rugby, soccer, archery, etc..

One thing i always looked forward when going to penang is Nasi Kandar, Hehe... seriously, i reali luv Nasi Kandar SUbaidah which opened a branch in USM Main Campus. very cheap and reasonable price, it situated near the literature faculty. Can u imagine, rice+Ayam Madu+Sayur Kobis only cost me Rm3.40!!! Lunch at nurani cafe is more expensive that that =( plus the drinks also cheap! Teh Ais = rm1, Milo ais-RM1.10.. perghh... if i stayed in USM Penang, sure getting fatter easily =D however, i restricted by having nasi kandar 2 times for this coming ;)

16th January 2009
-Arrived at USM around 6.45am
-Breakfast at our usual spot. having nasi tomato coz didnt have dinner on the night before =(
-shocked to know that cricket n hockey team need to stay at Surau Desa Fajar Harapan
-had training on 10am-12.30pm at minden field
-Jumaat pray, had lunch at subaidah's afterward ;)
-5.30pm went to queensbay... so boring.. those guys dunno what to do there.

17h January 2009
-getting hyped for event day! =)
-went to minden field at 8am
-it's so hot!!! we played and won all games in our group. i ended up getting sunburn. itam abes muke =(
-went into final but i resigned to give way for the reserves to play
eventually we lost but proudly it was very tight till the end. 61-60! only defeated by 1 run on the last over and the last ball! never ever gonna forget it

18th January 2009
-Good day for our campus but boring day for cricket team, hehe..
-Gold:Softball(L), Senamrobik(P), Bola Sepak, Futsal
-Silver: Cricket, Senamrobik(L), Badminton(P&L)
-Hockey(P) went into final but i didnt know the result.. will update later --> thanks to Ct Soleha for the info, they won Gold! COngratz ;)
-went back to USMKK at 10pm, after stopping by at Kayu Nasi Kandar =D but i ate roti telur.. hehe

.::1 Cekal, SMK Kemumin.. i'm not in due to camera shy,hehe::.

Now, i'm having a programme called school dental health day at SMK kemumin where we have dental check up for those kids, ceramah, Latihan Memberus Gigi and Exhibition. It is from 19-21 January. Adeh... badan lenguh2 lagi ni. Sebla kena jaga registration counter on the 1st day. Today i'm gonna teach the students on how to brush their teeth, hehe. See ya!


Mas Elyna said...

camera shy? huahuahua...
syg, nina dah tag syg balik!!!

ctsoleha said...

hoki (P) menang emas ngan aman damai,2-0.MN jd kontroversi sbb kami..huhu..balik usm kul 12 sbb game final kul 8.30pm

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

Mas Elyna:hehe.. dah jawab tag ;)

ctsoleha:hi soleha.. xsangka lak ade cek blog ni. hehe thanks for the update. tu la, ade dengar team kite wat protes masa semi-final. xpe, janji dah menang Gold skang kan ;)

adik said...

ingatkan program latihan berus gigi djh 1 je ade,xsangka form 1 pun still diajar cmne nk brus gigi..hak3