Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Assalamualaikum and hi! to all readers. I've added up few gadgets to spice up my blog, hehe.. Because i'm not really a good writer i think =P don't forget to vote in my polls kay ;) Check out Nina's blog, it's at:

She's really good in writing! I envy her so much =D

.::pendek giler.. naz kata pelik.. sampai ati ko.. hahaha ::.


nina said...

heheh thanx ;)

...:::Ms Quincy:::... said...

i didn't see any poll made here or at the web you attached..hmm seems like everyone love blogging huh??..hey how's life??

mavis2020 said...
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mavis2020 said...

eh.. adala ms quincy
on the right side of this blog

me juz fine.
cant wait to work soon!

nina said...

nak vote boleh, nak tgk result xleh. xkuar pon..

Izyan de' Nerd said...

oh cool.. i'm on your blogroll list. Thanks =)

Oh, i voted on your poll.

mavis2020 said...

ur welcome izyan!
oh yeah, u r my junior at jenan rite.
hehe.. juz helping out to promote ur
blog, besides u have a very nice blog;)
dats what skoolmate's for rite..huhu

TQ for voting!