Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still - Wishlist ^_^

Hehe.. since the day i saw the trailer of
"The Day The Earth Stood STill"
I'm so eager to watched it u know!
Coz kEanu Reeves is the main cast ;) hehe...
Tapi.. weird kan, title dia panjang gedabak..=P
Nak sebut pun berbelit lidah, haha

.::The Promotional Poster::.

How will it turn out i wonder..
My bro (Jojo) said the muvie was great!
But not for his friend.
Well.. i don't care.. i really wanna watch it ok~!
So back off u good for nothing Metacritics and Rotten Tomatoes.
I dun care how bad u stupid guys rated this muvie.
U juz know how to criticize.. sigh...


nina said...

kwn ni ckp xbest. tapi nina agak cite ni sure mcm the matrix yg cgi hebat giler tapi jalan cite complicated - laki suke, pompuan xsuke. papepon nak teman syg tgk gak ;)

Witty Angel said...

i dh tengok!!hehehe

mavis2020 said...

Nina: ala.. nak tgk gak! hehe okies.. teman ek ;)

Aina: Reali? how is it for u? Hikhik.. i'm more into keanu reeves and Cgi things!