Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Help me.. =D

Here i have a question.. kinda asking your opinion actually..

What if u get a patient who is:
~ opposite sex
~ younger than u
~ needed treatment for another 2-3 visits
~ alwiz texting msg/sms to u since the day of his/her 1st visit..

What should i do?
Should i reply her msg but not too friendly is enough?
Should i ignore her? But then... it's not nice and ethical. She still has to be treated after this. It's gonna be awkward.
This is an open subject. Not directed to anyone.. hehe


Witty Angel said...

xyah reply la...
its unprofessional ape interact ngan patients..and attached to a patient..hahaha..
kalau my sis yang sms u ignore je minah tu tapi i bet die x sms sangat pon kan?minah tu die sayang kredit die..whahahaha..:P..nyways if adik i kaco u bitau..nanti i marah die..hehe...

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

to:Witty Angel

adik u baik je. besides, she's more than juz a patient coz she's ur sis ;) so, xpela kalo she's the one. jgn marah die ek =P hahaha.. minah tu syg kedit,btol2..

neway, btol la apa u cakap tu.. cuma susah la xnak reply totally.. trying is the best thing rite =D

nadirahzz said...

whats up dude...ignore skali skale le...ko bgtau pape y relevan..rileks k(,")

Mas Elyna said...

ohoho...ni keje syg ye..lyn msg ngn patient lak :p

of coz u know my answer rite?

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

thanks 4 ur opinion.. mmg relax pun ;) hehe

to:Mas Elyna
hehe..dah namanya keje =P xdela.. msg kalo kena dtg appointment je ;)

Izyan de' Nerd said...

Quite the predicament there. =)

I'd say just reply to what's relevant to work. Anything else, ignore je kot.

~LiaNi~ said...

hmm..if i was in your place..rasanya i'll do what izyan said..just try to maintain a good doctor-patient relationship.. futhermore, u'll meet her again in the next treatment session rite..but if dpt msg yg cam lain skit tu..just ignore je..

Anonymous said...

dude...i understand ur situation..was in one earlier this sem..here's a tip which i think is getting repetitive now...JUST IGNORE IT. It kinda fun to reply to it evry now and then ( TO MAKE SURE SHE COMES TOTHE NEXT VISIT! ), but after a while you'll c that it gets kinda annoying. In the end, after the last visit, just dont bother reply edi la...she will leave you alone after that.
Takes time my friend! :D

Anonymous said...
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3belas said...

kalau berkait ngan keje reply a kot..haha

lebih2 nanti lain lak jadinya

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

to:Izyan de' Nerd
yep.. strictly relevant to works only. let's try to avoid unnecessary sms.. yea! ;)

itula liani, pasni kena jumpe lagi wat treatment.. emm.. if dat person lebey2 sgt, i have to remind her rite. totally ignoring is hard when to think u'll gonna see 'em again.

haha... great. an experience guy has came out to share his view =P after finish can totally ignore her dats rite at all pal. the prob is.. need to complete tx ASAp .. aiyarkk

thanks 3belas ;) think dats the best option for now..
xmau ah jadi benda lain... (+_+)

Mas Elyna said...

ahaa...jgn lebey2 ye syg...
wat bodo je, len kali kalo dia msg pastu tanya nape xreply syg ckpla kedit abih ke, tgh meeting ke, tgh dating ke :p
tak pon syg ckp ke "tgh drive nak amik awek kat airport ni"
kompem dia xmsg dah...muahahaha....