Monday, December 29, 2008

Is it so bad to marry a Malay?

Recently i received a msg from a friend at friendster and dia ada mention dat her parents has warned her to not marry a Malay guy. Wow.. dats so shocking for me. Never expected there would be this kind of thought nowadays. Perhaps the reason is her family is kinda mixed with Pakistanis. So they want their children to marry a mixed guy also kot =P For whatever the reason is, maybe they have their own concrete one. Don't feel insult my dear Malay guy friends, hehe..

So... what do you think? Is it really bad to marry a Malay guy? =(

By the way, i would like to take this opportunity to wish u all Muslim brothers and sisters, 'Salam Maal Hijrah ke 1430' =)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, in this world, just having love alone is never enough.
There are always people out there with "outdated" thinking's which borders on racism and religious ambiguity, elitism and extremism.
However we try to deny it, this sort of unwanted values have been instilled in our society as a whole out of fear, hatred, jealousy, biased religious dogma's/doctrines, and even the burden and challenge of one's own race and culture.
This problem i fear, is already deep rooted in society, and perhaps, to a lesser and scarier extent, in ourselves.
SIgh...what a corrupt world...

~LiaNi~ said...

hmm..ada jugak ye camni nowadays..
is it so bad to marry a malay? depend on the person who u want to marry lah kot..his/her character n etc..ada je malay guy yg ok but if involve parents ni cam jadi complicated lah skit..yup,maybe they have their own reason..n maybe ur friend can discuss with her parents..

~LiaNi~ said...

n yeah..salam maal hijrah too..^_^

Mas Elyna said...

syg tiru tagline blog nina ye!

p/s: yeah i wanna marry a malay guy..purely malay but alwayz mizjudged as a mixed guy :p

adaliciOus said...

to marry an outsider is to marry his culture too. i prefer malay~ ;)