Wednesday, December 10, 2008

.::Ortho Session yang Best::.

Aidiladha break just ended.. as usual, not much thing to be done during Raya Haji when we're not going back to my village at Kedah. But still, i can eat delicacies such as Kueh raya, rendang ayam/daging with lemang, lontong sum more, hehe.. still got the raya's spark all along eh..

Arrived at Sultan Ismail Airport approximately 10.30pm. Then watch new Heroes and Prison Break before fell asleep without preparing for clinic on the next day, hehe.. how lousy i am eh?

Anyway, my 1st patient for ortho session is dearest Suraya, Aina's lil sis (not so lil anymore, hahaha). With Dr. Burhan supervised my group this morning, the session really went on pretty interesting. He's so cool, not moody like others ( u might know who), likes to teach... i felt very confident when presenting Sue's case to him, not a single mistake i made. hahaha... though eventually her case was quite tricky to manage. Let me summarize a bit:

.::Suraya dalam ketakutan katanya, hehe::.

"This is a 14 year old girl who presented with Class III dental malocclusion on a Class II skeletal base, complicated with mesio-labially rotated 33, disto-labially rotated 13, and edge to edge 12,22"

Basically, she has no obvious dental malocclusion, in fact, the IOTN grading is still within 'no treatment needed' actually. Dr. Burhan said she has a good set of teeth but due to protrusion of her upper n lower jaw make her anterior teeth look a bit forward. She can wear fixed appliance/braces but it's only to correct the rotated and edge-edge teeth, and these were not her main concern. So my treatment plan for her is just reassurance to her and umi plus maintain good oral hygiene ;)

Then came along my 2nd patient, Azroy, 12/M/Boy for review Upper Removable Appliance. Once again, Dr. Burhan dengan baik atinya meng'activate'kan the appliance on my behalf for the sake of teaching the whole group. hehe, Thanks a lot DOC! u Make our Ortho session very enjoyable and we gain lots of knowledge ;)

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