Saturday, December 20, 2008

At Last...

Today is CFCS programme day at PPSG. I was incharged of 'Unit Perasmian and Protokol' as the leader. Yesterday we had a good day of practice and i suggested we had our last try out at 8 dis morning. However..... waa.... when i woke up for 2nd time, it's already 8.45am!!! I'm so freaked out, i quickly took bath and luckily i already prepared my attire for this event coz i'm gonna lead the prayer. But when i looked at my phone, nobody's trying to call me. Seems everything went well perhaps.

So.. to summarize the story, i arrived at PPSG around 9am (haha.. cepat giler siap). Alhamdulillah everything's ok. Now we're just waiting for the dean who's helping his wife to retrieve her presentation which had a problem to open it. Although we started at 9.30am, but it went well onwards. Sarah's multimedia presentation also very nice. I'm so glad! Hehehe... the opening ceremony followed by 2 talks from Dr Noorliza and Dr Zuliani =) Both were great! And the foster parents also showed their interest pretty well.

Oh yeah, my foster mother also came with her daughter, Adawiyah. Hehe.. it's great to see them coz at least i'll get the credit for their attendance. But unluckily they need to go home early due to a wedding ceremony.

There were lots of great things in this programme. I also donated my blood too! got few exhibitions and coloring contest for the children. At last... another obstacle to finish our study just ended (^_^)


~LiaNi~ said...

cfcs programme..we also have that =)but the last session was during my 4th year..huhu..there was a 'peristiwa' which i still remember until now when my partner n i went to my pt house..memalukan sih..x nak citer..huhu..
it's nice to hear that u've donate blood there..=)

mavis2020 said...

reali? namau citer lak tu..
guess pretty embarassing one eh..
hehe xpela.. kalo nak citer, boleh gak sumday!

this is our 2nd cfcs prog for 4th and 5th year.
the 1st time was when we're with medical students during 2nd n 3rd year.
dat time we have to tackle their medical problem.
we had to stay with our foster family for a total of 3 weeks!
this time totally dental but also related to their medical health problem ;)

nina said...

syg cite mcm sume org amik medik je (+_+) citela dr awal, cfcs tu mende? event ape? 5W1H tu kna jawab sume. huhu ajar syg lak cara tulis blog =p

p/s: ke blog syg target utk org medik je baca?