Friday, April 17, 2009

To Catch A Virgin Ghost aka Sisily 2KM

This is the 1st time i fell in love with a ghost character! I accidentally watch this Korean Movie and yeah, as what i thought, it's a horror movie plus comedy too =) I like these genres. At first, the virgin ghost appear occasionally and i admit, it's so scary! But then, when a gangster leader was badly injured after being chased by lunatic farmers, he hid in an abandon school where the ghost resided. Initially he was too scared but due to the injury, he pleaded the ghost to let him stay(weird kan.. but when u r badly injured and in pain, anything could happen) .. soon, the ghost showed her true color, she's so kind-hearted, and sweet.. and actually, she's really pretty! When that guy asked how she was killed, she showed him (a flashback with sweet song which i really wanted to find!). Eventually she cried in the end because that guy yelled at her for not getting the revenge. The ghost was more concern of the guy's leg which bleed a lot.. waaa.... cute sangat2! Hantu boleh nangis.. hehe..

The ghost character was played by Lim Eun Kyeong =D


Fadhlah said...

best cita nie

Kika said...

oh, nampak nya saya pun perlu tonton nie juga :D plot cerita yang comel. thanks f recommending :)

LiaNi said...

bunyi cam menarik je cite ni..=)

~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

memang bes pun! tengok tau ;)

Anonymous said...

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