Monday, September 8, 2008

Now it's Time For

so guys, what are the roles of blogging actually? have u ever wonder? well, i've came out a list in my mind so it's up to each individual to decide which is urs ;) some might said it's the medium of.....(Bla bla bla..). dats is kind of so skema!

1. for fun (hahaha.. not concrete enough)
2. political views: attack government (beware.. u might get caught!)
3. political views: promoting opposition
4. describing their misery
5. expressing their happiness ^_^
6. sharing their view on music, movies, etc
7. because he or she is planting grapes right now (hehe.. kidding)

dis is a non-paid advertisment, not related to the topic..ngehehe


nina sakurada said...

i'm blogging for you =">

mavis2020 said...

hehe.. thanks syg! kena masuk list gak nih ;)

nina sakurada said...

masuk list ape syg? :p