Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exhausted -_-

It has been only 2 days of clinic but the exhaustation made me skip tarawih for the 1st time in dis holy month today at surau. But still, i managed to pray it by myself, a huge lost if i really skip at the last moment of Ramadan. Almost every session i'll end very late, not because i'm too slow but too much work to be done.. fill up the logbook, treatment records, signature from the supervisors, registration form, and return form.. aiyayaya... for each and every treatment need treatments. But today is the most productive of all in this year =) huhuhu.. manage to do fissure sealant on 4 teeth and Preventive Resin Restoration on 2 teeth! In fact, all of 'em were done after completing the E&D.

Tiring!! unexpected that clinics during fasting month would be this hectic. But still, stay cool Mior!!! just got 3 more days to go and then i'm off for a week break! Hehe so excited by just thinking bout it ;) Truly, my prepation for raya this year is still 0%! haha.. gilerkan.. tak kesahla, what's playing in my mind right now is just to go home, rest and have a nice raya holiday!

.::Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri::.

Hehe.. regarding the previous post, actually got a correction. Aina is currently in medical posting . sorry for the wrong information =P


nina awekmu said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey bro...why la so long no update ;P