Friday, September 5, 2008

.::CravinG for Ikan Patin!::.

Look scary ain't it.. hehe

Waaa!! Im sooo craving for patin fish during dis fasting month! Huhu.. for those who dunno what is patin fish, it is a type of freshwater catfish which is soo juicy and can be considered as one of the best freshwater fish in Malaysia. Luckily for me, there's ikan patin bakar alongside with ikan keli n kerapu sold at the nearby bazar ere! the price is realy cheap and reasonable. according to its size, the range is between RM4-6 per cut. For a whole patin, can get as cheap as RM5! So im aiming to buy it again today, wish me luck!

Usually i buy Nasi Lemak kosong too to eat with, RM2 only, very delicious ;) plus soy bean/coconut drinks.. uh.. u cant resist it for sure!

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