Sunday, May 19, 2013

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness ~THUMBS UP!~

Assalamualaikum and Hello friends,

Star Trek Into Darkness Official Poster

I'd just watched Star Trek Into Darkness at GSC, Suria Sabah, and it was Awesomeeee.....! I loved the first Star Trek film and now the second installment sure didn't dissapoint me either. So I recommend to all my friends, especially for Star Trek Franchise fans... don't miss the opportunity to watch this movie. Apart from poor sound system (it's cinema's fault), the visual, acting and movie plot are extraordinary... well of course for budget of USD 190million, we should expect a very good quality.

For now, most critics gave positive reviews for this movie (Rotten Tomatoes rates 88%). So don't worry with the lengthy duration of 133 minutes because u will not feel bored, in fact you will ask for more!! I warn you, this movie is full with action pack, sometimes can be funny and there's a moment you want to cry too.. hahaha...~

SO, don't miss it!!... for Plot, you can check it out in Wikipedia: 

P/S: sometimes i felt this is a Bromance Movie... hehehe... between Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock sure spark some weird atmosphere (^_^)

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