Friday, November 28, 2008

My Top 5 Series to watch every Thursday night!

FYI, every Wednesday or Thursday nite, i will receive a bunch of latest series and movies from either Lan or Jali. Here i listed out the sequence (Top 5) of watching 'em. From the best til the least.. hehe

1st - Heroes!
Yeah, this one is hard. I'm thinking which one i would eager more to watch, Southpark or Heroes, but Heroes is getting more interesting and worth to wait for! I love it when the creator divided those characters into Villains and Heroes. Pretty much fun thinking the battle will be engaged soon, huhu. Hopefully Peter will regain his power back becoz he's the most awesome of all besides Sylar!

2nd - Southpark
Those damn cute freaking 4 kids plus Butters really funny and crazy! But lately the stories were not up to standard. Quite disappointed actually.

3rd - My Name Is Earl
I like the series so much and not bored at all! seeing the stupidity of Randy and the unique of each characters in it is really fun to watch. Joy is crazy, hehehe..

4th - Desperate Housewives
I really like this new season, the plot is much more interesting especially seeing how Gaby transforms into this unattractive but caring and loving mother. Still hate Susan's character though.. sigh...

5th - Smallville
Can't wait to watch Clark turns into Superman.. oh yeah, he needs to learn how to fly 1st! Lana is back and she looks more mature and prettier!

misc. - House MD, Prison Break, Chuck, Reaper - this new series is gonna be in my top5 soon...!
House is becoming more boring and Prison Break too. Chuck is just for free time. Reaper is fun. I cant wait for new season.


Anonymous said...

IMHO...Heroes 2nd season was very dissapointing. Agaknyer sbb writers strike! 3rd..soooo berbelit. even citer tamil pun x mcm tu! Miss one episode..and u better miss the rest!
Watch out for these!Criminal Minds (brilliant), Damages (speechless), Little Britain (hilarious)& Fringe (coming soon)

mavis2020 said...

hehe.. thanks anyway for ur point of view. yep, 2nd season memang disappointing but i think the 3rd one is improving and i enjoy it eventually. so dun miss any episode if u dont wanna get lost.

i tried fringe, not really my type