Sunday, August 31, 2008

me? Blogging? yeah.. rite.. hehe

This is me thinking what i'm doing right now!
At last, my own blog.. err.. should i say, the 2nd one? huhu previously i had a blog at friendster but it's too damn boring and not interesting enough. well, in this era of technology, having a blog is like a routine. i have always wanna express my thoughts but dont have the rigth medium so i'm thinking by blogging is a way of expressing it. no laws enforce yet, i guess =P
oh yeah, for those who r too concern with grammars and stuffs like that, juz get out of ere! u r not welcome, thanks! huhu..

so dear frenz! do look forward for my next post, okies! ^_^
a sincere wish to all beloved muslim brothers and sisters


Witty Angel said...

yay!!first person to drop a comment here!!hehe...anyways selamat berpuasa!!!

mavis2020 said...

waa.. xsangka u r the 1st! thanks so much! hikhik happy fasting aina!